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Price List

 Here is a general guideline of what we charge. These prices may vary, and a written estimate will be provided. Our consultations are always free, and if we cannot provide you with the best service for your specific needs, we will be happy to recommend someone who can help.




Effective 1/1/2015  - For a description of services offered, see "SERVICES & MAINTENANCE"


Pool Service-Full $90.00 Saltwater Chlorine Generator cleaning, acid wash. $85.00
Pool Service with Salt Water Chlorine Generator $95.00 Pump changeout. $250.00
Pool/Spa-Full $95.00 Filter Changeout $250.00
Pool/Spa with Saltwater Chlorine Generator - Full $100.00 Tile Cleaning (glass bead blasting) 550.00

Green Pool cleanout, refill, and startup - chlorine wash. Add $100 for acid wash.




Light Bulb Replacement - per light, plus cost of light. $250.00
Drain, clean and Startup $250.00 Filter element cleaning 50.00
Pump Impeller cleaning $85.00 Pool Vac rebuild, not including parts. $125.00
Pump Bearing Replacement $350.00 Pool School $150.00


These prices are a general guideline. Minimum service charge is $85.00 an hour.